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Overhead Garage Door

Overhead Garage Door
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At Overhead Garage Door Plummers Cove, we know how important it is to keep your overhead garage door in tip-top shape. What good is a garage door if it doesn’t work? Taking on repairs and replacements of your garage door on your own can pose many problems. Chances of you having the right tools or the right parts to fix the problem are slim to none. This is where we come in.

Overhead Garage Door

Overhead Garage Door 24/7 Services

Our company has several hundred different parts, both small and large, to fix essentially any problem that you are having with your door. Our highly trained technicians and service professionals have the tools needed to fix even the most difficult repairs. When overhead garage door problems start, that is when you must call us. We will come out and assess the situation as well as make any repairs or replacements needed to fix the problems.

If you decide to take on the problems and repairs yourself, you should know that if you don’t know what you are doing and don’t have the expertise or ability to fix the problem yourself, it would be best to hire an company such as ours. We provide several types of services to meet our customer’s needs and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work we do for you. Whether it be repairing or replacing parts or doing routine maintenance and servicing your garage, our team can handle it all. We will save you the trouble and money out of pocket as our affordable rates are lower than what you would pay if making these repairs on your own. We will save you time and gas running to several different home improvement stores and the guess work involved with which parts and tools you need to buy to fix the problem. Buying these things separate will cost as much or more than our competitive rates and that doesn’t include your time spent on trying to fix the problem but also money spent on gas used during your home improvement project travels.

Overhead Garage Door Plummers Cove not only provides overhead garage door repairs, service, maintenance and replacements, we will also program your overhead opener. If you have an opener that is attached to your garage, we will install, repair, and replace the opener as part of our service to you.

Call us today to schedule your free consultation or an appointment for servicing your overhead garage door!

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