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Garage Door Opener Installation Information

Garage Door Opener Installation Information
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It’s all in the Installation

As with many things in life, the way your doors parts are initially installed will play a vital role in its longevity and ease of use. Ideally, it is best to have a professional service company handle the fitting and provisioning of parts, however even then it is important that you understand the major aspects of what is happening to your door for yourself. Whether you are having a brand new door fitted or a simple opener replacement service performed, the steps will be largely the same. Things to watch out for when going through the process include the brand of products used, attention paid to detail and automatic versus manual system differences.

Modern Day Automatic Openers

Garage Door Opener Installation Information

Manual driven entryway systems are fast becoming a thing of the past. They are giving way to automated systems that users can trigger remotely from a variety of devices including key fobs, light-switch types, wall controls, and even cell phone apps. Automatic openers for garage doors can vary in operation but generally come with an opener remote control. Setting up your control system while installing the new parts on your door is generally considered a good practice as it will save you time and hassle later on. Be sure to talk to your service technicians about what type of system you are after.

Select Brands with Care

Brands are not an overrated concept in the garage door industry. There are many top labels that have established their place in the market by consistently providing reliable products that serve their customers well. Because your door is such a structural part of your home, it is important to ensure its high quality nature. Both Genie openers and Liftmaster openers are leaders in the field and are a trustworthy choice for your fresh installs. There are other brands available as well and we would encourage you to either do your own research or ask an established company with expertise in this area. Most companies will have brands they prefer to work with and even ones that they source directly to clients with. It is always worth asking.

Get It Done Right

Getting your installation done right the first time around is always a great idea. To ensure this happens, do not hesitate to do your own research and to contact our professionals for help. Choosing openers will be an interesting choice! Our tip offs: belt drives are the quietest in the industry, chain drives are the least expensive and screw drives require the least maintenance. Now it is up to you. So, which one will you choose?

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